NetWorker Update release


Well, again for the people who are still using version 7.4.5.x of Networker, please note that this is a cumulative hot fix release.
It is release, Build 770.

If you are wondering why should you update your version of NetWorker.
Or with other words, what is fixed in this release?

Cumulative hotfix includes these main new fixes:

NW105813: Networker for UNIX on HPUX hangs

NW112149: VSS:/ cover savesets incorrectly show expired backups as permanently browsable, leading to recover failure

NW113313: save: Failed to close save session: Not enough space

LGTsc31187 (NW00104720): Memory leak for nsrexecd on the client in cluster environment during repeated backup

LGTsc30001 (NW00102872): Completed group shows with status ‘Interrupted’ in NMC Group Details window

NW112382: Device discovery on a Storage Node fails

I’d like to tag this release files per OS platform, but unfortunately they are around 3.5 GB and I don’t have that reserved space for such occasion.

If you need this release then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site.