NMM 2.2 SP1 Update release


A formal hotfix is ready for the people who are using version 2.2 SP1 of Networker Module for Microsoft Applications (NMM), It might be useful to know that there is a new build release for this version.

It is release 2.2 SP1, Build 111.

If you are wondering why should you update your version to this release. Or with other words, what is fixed in this release?

Cumulative hotfix includes these main new fixes:

NW117831:adsave skipping corrupted object and continue backup.

NW116096: NMM MOSS granular restore of individual objects fails but NMM monitor window reports success.

NW118127: Agni: entire saveset should not fail if backup passes for some sites.
couldn’t find the incident link on Powerlink.

NW115429: NMM backup time-out for Office Search Service backup.
couldn’t find the incident link on Powerlink.

NW118245: NW00117959 – NMM 2.2 SP1 removed the capability to retain snapshots.
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Instructions for NW118245:
To configure local Exchange snapshot retention on an NMM client, performthe following tasks on the NetWorker server:

1. Open the NMM client’s Properties window, and select the "Apps & Modules"  tab. Add the following new item to the Application Information list:  "NSR_EXCH_RETAIN_SNAPSHOTS=yes"

2. Open the Properties window for the snapshot policy to be used.
   a. Set the "Retain Snapshots" field to the number of snapshots you want  to retain on the NMM client. It is important to retain a minimum of two snapshots, but please read the data loss warning below before deciding how many snapshots to retain.

   b. Designate the snapshots you want to rollover to the NetWorker server  on a daily basis in the "Backup Snapshots" data box. Some valid examples are "First", ""Last", "All", "every n" or "n". "None" and "0" are invalid entries for this feature.

This configuration will result in the most recent "n" backups being stored locally on the NMM client, where "n" is the number in the snapshot policy’s "Retain Snapshots" field. If the snapshot policy designates a backup to be rolled over to the server, it will also be retained locally until there are
"n" newer snapshots present.

Note that because full snapshots are required, roll-forward restores are possible only when restoring the most recent snapshot, if subsequent logs are present.

WARNING: Use of persistent snapshots presents two possibilities where data loss could occur.

(1) The snapshot policy configuration described here allows snapshots to be stored locally on the client without being saved on the NetWorker server.
Snapshots with local storage only present a risk of data loss in the following situation:

a. There is a failure of the local media containing the most recent snapshot, which has not been backed up to a NetWorker server.
b. A need then arises to restore an Exchange database or storage group after the failure of the snapshot storage media, but before another snapshot is created.
c. Since the most recent snapshot is unavailable, it will be necessary to restore from an older snapshot, and data newer than that snapshot will be lost.

(2) When persistent snapshots are enabled, database logs are truncated after the snapshot cover saveset is successfully created on the NetWorker server. If the associated snapshot rollover fails, the snapshot is still present on the client until it expires, so the backup administrator can perform a manual rollover after receiving the backup failure event log message on the NetWorker server. It’s important to design a snapshot retention policy that keeps snapshots on the local server for enough time to be sure the backup administrator will see the rollover error message on the NetWorker server, so that a manual rollover of the snapshot can be performed.

This Hotfix contains these internal versions:

NMM rb_nmm22_sp1 Build 110 (
PowerSnap rb_ps_greylock_nmm22sp1 Drop 10 (v2.5.drop.10), Build 17
RMAPI (built in view vmarconisp2.drop4) on branch vmarconisp2

If you need this release then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site.

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