NetWorker 7.6 SP3 is generally available!


It is officially on the Powerlink, NetWorker 7.6 SP3 build 840! You can start enjoying the new features and enhancements.

Here is a summary over the new features and changes in this release:

  • “Default configuration changes when upgrading to or installing NetWorker 7.6 SP3 server”.
  • “NetApp SnapMirror to tape backup feature now available in NetWorker 7.6 SP3”.
  • “NetWorker Recover for Mac OS X”.
  • “Improvements to deduplication rates for Data Domain VTL multiplexed backups”.
  • “Support for vSphere 5 with NetWorker 7.6 SP3”.
  • “NetWorker 7.6 SP3 DD Boost support”.
  • “AlphaStor 4.0 included with NetWorker 7.6 SP3”.
  • “New platforms supported”.
  • “Java 7 support”.
  • “PowerHA cluster support on AIX”.

Get to know more about these features and enhancements in the NetWorker 7.6 SP3 Release Notes from the EMC Powerlink.