NetWorker update release

The eighth cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 8.2 SP1.
Please note that this cumulative hot fix can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is NetWorker Build 821

Cumulative hotfix in NetWorker includes generally the following fixes:


240584 24093 Failure of BBB renamed recoveries of a single file within a cluster volume

239567 23814 Clone fails when nothing is backed up

237810 24053 Windows 2008 R2 NetWorker server daemon.raw not updated timely affecting automated runtime rollover and rendering.

237468 24006 nsrd core dumps using nsr_shutdown

237166 23553 Alerts do not get cleared from the NMC NetWorker Administration window

235186 22694(NW162225) networker client 8.1 crashes on linux

232796 22922 nsrlcpd does not autoinventory when slot contents change


241149 23456 Percentage completion for successfully Cloned savesets are showing less than 100%


If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!