Introduction over NetWorker



EMC NetWorker helps protect your data by simplifying and centralizing backup and recovery operations. With NetWorker backup software, you get a common platform that supports a wide range of data protection options including backup to disk, replication management, continuous data protection, and deduplication across physical and virtual environments. NetWorker’s versatility makes it the ideal backup software for a range of environments, from large data centers to remote offices.


Features & Benefits

EMC NetWorker delivers:



Heterogeneous platform and application support

Simplify management of UNIX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare, OpenVMS, Macintosh, and hot backup of major applications.

Virtual environment protection

Protect mission-critical virtual environments with market-leading support for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Global data deduplication

Speed backups, reduce bandwidth consumption, and lower storage requirements by eliminating duplicate data at the source and target.

Centralized backup and recovery

Ensure reliable backup and gain control across local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and storage area network (SAN) environments.

Disaster recovery and granular restore

Ensure business continuity and improve productivity with flexible recovery options.

Backup to disk

Get fast backups and reliable recoveries leveraging arrays, EMC Disk Library, VTLs, snapshots, and more.

Advanced tape operations

Share tape drives and multiplex data to speed backup, and port tapes between different backup platforms as needed.

Integrated Server Recovery with EMC HomeBase

Gain single client, scheduling, and monitoring from NetWorker Management Console, as well as automated recovery.


Evaluation Software

Product Name Operating Environment
NetWorker AIX
NetWorker HP-UX
NetWorker Linux
NetWorker Solaris
NetWorker Windows


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