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  1. Hi,

    I’m from Israel and work for a communications company in the hosting department. I’m in charge of monitoring the backup systems and to produce weekly backup reports. We back up the data from our clients’ servers using a client-server program (NETWORKER). At the very beginning, when I took over this task, the performance was monitored through automated mails that were sent at the end of the process (the monitoring was and still is focused on which clients failed to pass the full backup, at least once a week). Obviously this method was time consuming and lacked accuracy when it came to find not just those clients that failed but the directories as well. After a little research I found that it was possible to export backup reports as an excel file which (after hard work) I managed to display in a user friendly manner with the highest level of accuracy. In addition I succeeded to provide a volumes report so we’d be able to spot those clients that exceeded their quota (in case they did, we would offer them to update their contracts accordingly) something that the company does not care about nowadays, as weird as it might sound.

    I’d like to offer this service I developed to other companies and I’d be very pleased if you could give me your wise advice as how to do it. I have no idea as how to begin and for starters I thought that I need to know which kind of companies (maybe insurance, financial, health, government ones?) work with NETWORKER. Furthermore, what should I do given the case a company does need the service, what the fees would be?

    Thanks in advance for your time!


    Fabian Brodsky

  2. Hi Moab.

    Your site has become one of my favorites, I am checking it several times every week, and it is of great help to me.
    I often point other Networker guys in your direction as I find the information veru usefull.
    All the info can be fouind at the EMC site, but the way you present it is very usefull.
    Thank you for a good job.

    Ole Hermansen

  3. I like your point of view on life! It’s like you are saying that life starts being easy, when you stop making it hard on yourself.

    I’m glad to see some NetWorker resource here. I’ll be checking on you.


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