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Are you looking for a second opinion?  Advice? Just a fair remote support for the backup/storage environment?
Or maybe you just want to go on vacation and need a professional external resource to watch for your backup/storage environment till you are back!

Finding the right help on the right moment is not always easy or available.

I though I might help you with that second opinion you are looking for, or give you an advice you need or try to solve an issue that is hanging there for some time and it doesn’t want to go away! Or even provide a professional service to implement an EMC solution for you.

For sure a helpful hand can be lend to you. This can be a good opportunity to get through your IT obstacle and go further with your daily work without any backup/storage fuss!

To sum up what can be offered to you, here is a list of professional services that can be asked via this site:

1- Technical consultation/second opinion for EMC planning/Designing projects.

2- Implementing EMC DPAD/Core Technology Division and Storage solutions.

3- Technical support and handling incidents.

4- Temporary/part-time operating and monitoring EMC DPAD/Core Technology Division and Storage environment.


For sure this helpful hand will need some kind of fuel to feed it and keep the stream of support running!

You can now benefit from this kind of service by choosing the amount of time you need in advance. So that you can always request a service based on the time in need without any hidden or extra costs.

That is why I’ve set the following flavors of “support strip card”, where you can choose the flavor that suites your desire.

The support strip card is a flexible way to make use of professional services. With the purchase in advance of de desired hours, you can benefit from an implementation service, support work or a second opinion for your backup/storage environment without any further obligations.

A support strip card gives you the right for e-mail and/or remote support.

There may also be other EMC solutions agreed to be taken in the strip card, which in that case can be agreed on separately.

Against each request for consultation/support is one or multiple strip will be used.

One strip equal 15 minute, this is the minimum.

You can select the desired support strip card below and directly pay online with PayPal:

5 Strips for € 75
10 strips for € 135
16 Strip for € 200
32 Strip for € 352
5 x 15 minutes 10 x 15 minutes 16 x 15 minutes 32 x 15 minutes
1 hours + 15 minutes 2.5 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Remotely Remotely Remotely Remotely

* Each support strip card is valid for two years from the day of the order.
* The response time to your request is based on “best effort”. In general within 24 hours (why not within 8 working hours? because the earth is round and has 7 continents).



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