NetWorker SnapImage Module 2.5 is released


Are you facing hard time in having a trusted, reliable backup for a file-system with millions of small files?

EMC has introduced since long time a NetWorker Module that would ease and empower the Backup process for High Density File System (HDFS). NetWorker Module for SnapImage creates a block-level snapshot of an organization’s entire file system, then periodically captures incremental data changes. Based on the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), this software provides the following features:

  • Full-image, block-level snapshot backup and recovery, allowing large amounts of High Density File System (HDFS) in DAS, remote, and SAN configurations.
  • Differential backup of changed blocks only.
  • Under appropriate conditions, NetWorker Module for SnapImage backups are much faster than traditional file-based backups.
  • Block-level data protection. With SnapImage, data is backed up live with no user lockout.
  • Block-level backups with file level restores.

The main two new features that is added to this release is:

  • The ability to backup file systems of size more than 2TB, and with higher densities.
  • File-Level Caching functionality has been added to the SnapImage besides Device –Level Caching.

To get more information about the new features and changes, the environment and system requirements, and installation & administration please refer to the EMC Powerlink.