NetWorker update release

The second cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 7.6 SP4.
Please note that this cumulative hot fix can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is release, Build 1060

Cumulative hotfix includes generally the following fixes:

NW139705:nsrexecd memory leak on Windows 2003 cluster after NM SQL server backups – continued from NW136360

NW133350:nsrmmd core dumping occasionally during scheduled cloning operations – SLES 11

NW140041:NMC report generation fails with "Unable to parse report definition"

NW140285:NetWorker VADP – One VM cannot be backed if a certain other client is backing up: lgto_auth for `nsrmmd’ failed: busy

NW141940:Browse and retention options (-w & -y) in savegrp CLI are not honored

NW127671:nsrmmdbd exiting (not crashing) intermittently approximately once a week

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!