NetWorker update release

The fourth cumulative fix package is ready and contains fixes for NetWorker 8.0 SP1.

This cumulative hotfix is NetWorker build 163.

Cumulative hotfix includes generally the following new fixes:

NW149651 – Following an upgrade to 8.x, nsrladb reports incorrect amount of data (less) stored on the client.

NW149455 – VADP: nsrvadp_recover crashes in libasm module during restore.

NW149434 – Marking and unmarking NMM savesets as supsect results in inability to stage from two different storage nodes.

NW149156 – Unable to recover NetApp NDMP backup taken with device block size set to 256KB.
Solution either could not be found or is not available for viewing!

NW149149 – Possible Data Loss when nsrim(recover space) and backups run in parallel to DD volume.
Solution either could not be found or is not available for viewing!

NW148669 – winworkr: Cannot replace file C:\Boot\BCD. Switching to Alternate Location restore method.

NW148537 – Daemon.log is logging "nsrjobd NSR warning Failed to write job status of jobid 291148 to jobsdb with err:The value of a"

NW148383 – VADP backup fails after snapshot creation with SOAP FAULT (v1.0) End of file or no input: Operation interrupted or timed out’

NW148311 – NMM savesets cannot be staged from AFTD .RO device successfully.

NW148169 – nsrjobd using 100% CPU especially when NMC is running.
Solution either could not be found or is not available for viewing!

NW147983 – PSRC-1225: "nsrpush" & "nsrrcopy"- insecure file handling – potential local root privilege escalation.

NW146028 – Under a race condition, savegroup parallelism is ignored.

NW143586 – NMC Reporting – Data Domain Statistics – Save Set Details report is missing large savesets (over 150GB).

NW141297 – Cleaning request performed onto a tape device disable/service mode in DDS.

NW141067 – /nsr/logs/messages stops updating after a successful NMM backup.

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!