EMC Backup & Recovery Manager 1.1

The Backup & Recovery Manager runs in a server, supporting Avamar and NetWorker servers and Data Domain backup targets.
The Backup & Recovery Manager runs on a virtual server.



New features and changes

The table below lists the new features and functionality available in Backup & Recovery Manager Release 1.1.


Feature or functionality enhancement Description
Single Sign-on Launch the Avamar Client Manager and System Maintenance applications without being required to log in.
FIPS 140-2 The Backup & Recovery Manager includes compliant libraries for the server and adaptors.
Linux (SLES) Native Installer Provides the ability to install Backup & Recovery Manager on existing hardware. The Native Installer also provides support for Hyper-V as a Linux VM.
IPv6 Qualification of the Backup & Recovery Manager server in IPv6 environments.
ConnectEMC (Avamar only) Provides the ability for EMC to track the adoption of Backup & Recovery Manager by including usage data.
NetWorker 8.1 support Support for changes and additions specific to NetWorker 8.1, including policy based backup activities and reports.
Adaptors packaged with Avamar and NetWorker servers Adaptor code is included in Avamar and NetWorker server installations. It is no longer required to download separate code to enable the Backup & Recovery Manager (configuration still required).


Fixed problems in Backup & Recovery Manager 1.1

The table below lists fixed problems in Backup & Recovery Manager 1.1.

Issue number Description
38633 Worst systems do not count Backup & Recovery Manager server errors and warnings.
45049 The backup duration is incorrect when the NetWorker server and the Backup & Recovery Manager server are in different time zones.


There is still no ftp link or a  download link in http://support.emc.com for this version!