NetWorker update release

The third cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 9.1.1.
Please note that this cumulative hot fix can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is NetWorker Build 189

This Cumulative hotfix includes generally the following fixes:


285346 Inventory of Linux clients from windows server fails with Stale Asynchronous RPC Handle Error
284847 Update VPROXY version to 2.0.2-16 version in NetWorker (OS security patches)
284691 29330 Error in ‘Copying Packages’ phase. – nsrcpd NSR severe Error while executing remote command
284621 AutoSAT: nsrclone cores during DD to DD cloning (sles11)
284465 29192 nsrexecd crash on client OS SLES 12 with the Intel Haswell TSX/HLE
284330 29407 CCR sessions in failing and reporting "Unable to join save thread during clone end. The thread is NULL" 284273 Purify is reporting nsrjobd leaks in several SAT tests
284199 29428 nsrnassnap_save core dump immediately after start
284074 PSRC-4517: Buffer overflow in nsrd’s rpc procedure number 31 svcrm_monitor_device_fail_async_2
283704 clone : nsrclone crashes when we run schedule clone for SQL VDI with RPS disabled.
283660 29266 nsrmm -o recyclable outputs "Unable to mark volume – volume version mismatch"
283541 AutoSAT: nsrclone/nsrstage command in NON RPS mode succeeds when cloning is not performed
283500 Address memory leak in mm_wait_for_available_session()
283481 SPI: Clone from DD to Tape for vProxy VM savesets fails with "Cannot find any devices to use for cloning . Skipping cloning!" error message
283462 Update VPROXY version from 2.0.2-11 to 2.0.2-13 version in
283338 29196 nsrmmdbd NSR warning can’t fetch save sets
283313 29045 Policy notifications display incorrect backup size for NDMP savesets
283235 gmake purify broken in libcommonssl
283230 SPI: nsrclone dumped the core at the time of starting the PSS WF when another clone operation is in progress
283212 SPI: Backup jobs consistently fail with "Remote system error – Cannot assign requested address" when "concurrent cloning" is selected in clone action within a workflow
283200 nsr/clone/apps/nsrclone.c and nsr/clone/lib/clone_sessions.c Coverity Issues – double unlocks
282959 29214 mminfo -q near query does not filter to nearline volumes
282928 NON RPS: action query with clone action does not perform cloning
282917 ‘nsrpolicy stop’ does not work when non RPS cloning is in progress.
282872 29237 Millions of zero bytes Files in tmp\sec\authdata_gsslgtov1_X0000XX older causing backup server to become unresponsive
282868 nsrclone cores during auto cloning when RPS is disabled (sles11)
282790 29173 NW – Immediate Cloning of group A also reads ssids from other group B intermittently with option "clone on saveset completion"
282758 NetWorker filecopy sending wrong RPC data was leading to DDFS Panic
282688 DEV: vproxy_RPS: overlapping save set query – redundant savesets in same clone pool causing outage of volumes – clone failures
282408 Retention period is not honored for vproxy backups
282378 CB : Not able to set options to CB device for save and recover binaries
282104 28979 Client Storage Node Interface value used by nsrrecopy – leads to failures
281283 [CB ]SPI: nsrd: Invalid mmd reservation request: unable to find reserved mmd session id = 518
280961 28792 NDMP clone from DDVTL to physical tape library failed in when RPS is enabled
280684 Jar file signing errors in dev branch builds
280296 SPI:NDMP:Browse recover GUI doesn’t show files and subfolders if Millions of files inside it.
279525 28234 vProxy: Clone action fails with "Err: 5066-source is a directory"
278597 add exclusion to cstyle script to allow to use ‘return’ without braces around its argument
278342 SPI: nsrclone binary dumped the core when multiple clones were running concurrently
276756 SPI: Clone Details of aborted clone does not have any sessions under Failed section
259962 26325 since upgrade to networker, networker cloning exceeding max defined sessions and causing backups to fail
259537 26197 Cloning stalls and impacts backups, thousands of messages in daemon: ansrd NSR notice Unable to find save-set for host ” and save time ‘1461739445’
246761 Cloning: DD Device target-max sessions values (1,1) not honored during clone
192129 Need to fix scheduled cloning to not clone recyclable savesets.

NW_Console (NMC)

284755 AutoSAT: Unable to start gstd in Windows (9.1.1 build 182)
284163 vProxy Recover wizard fails to proceed if ‘source vCenter’ is not responsive
283830 RPS Enabled: clone session is status is still in running even after clone is completed
283555 Legacy and new reports fail with error FATAL: Invalid value for parameter "TimeZone" : "Antarctica/Troll"
283483 29258 NMC time showing an hour ahead of the actual server time
283470 28988 NMC is showing the incorrect schedule in Policy Action Wizard when more than one override applies to the same day
282975 existing clone action not seen under NMC monitoring but seen clone under actions in the WFs .
282970 29183 Remove backup date highlighting (NMC Recovery Wizard takes a very long time to load)
282845 29016 NW9.1 Action Override Schedule Not Reflected correctly "full last Friday every quarter"
282764 29081 Recover via NMC gives /Full/path/to/filename not in index, deleted
281779 28514 NMC Block Based recover GUI report timed out when browse 9.1TB file system backup
281638 28693 NW NMC report shows a disperancy in file count and total size
279068 28742 Security concern for SSLv3 cipher – NetWorker 9.1 NMC Postgres DB still uses SSLv3 cipher
278364 NMC->Monitoring tab–>Policies–>Start Individual Client: Backup fails if more than 1 vmdk in a VM is selected for backup.
277081 NMC – Client Push File transfer operation has been deprecated, needs to be removed from NMC
276898 PSRC-4262 Multiple Apache vulnerabilities in the NMC distributed version
251482 NSM_RP: NMC recovery user interface unable to list raw device backups copies

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

Along with this version of NetWorker a new Cumulative Hotfix for the following products have been released.

** NetWorker Virtual Edition **
This release of NVE can be downloaded from

**NetWorker Module for Microsoft**
This release of NMM can be downloaded from

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the correct build!