NetWorker 9.2.1 (SP1) is released!

Release Highlights- NetWorker 9.2.1

NetWorker 9.2.1 provides functional enhancements, feature changes and changes in behaviour:

  • Licensing: unserved licensing model option where Dell EMC license server is not required for license enablement and validation.

  • Cloud: Offers data protection for VMware Cloud on AWS. This feature was previously available only through RPQ process.

  • VMware:
    o Recovering VM metadata during the VM restore
    o Image backup of VMware VM on standalone ESXi which is not connected to any vCenter.

  • Ease-of-use and security:
    o Breakthrough logging enabling easier way to search for information within log files
    o Wildcard in directory specification for directives
    o In-flight encryption

See the NetWorker & Modules 9.2.x release materials for a complete list of changes.

For additional information about NetWorker 9.2, see the NetWorker 9.2.x Release Notes Portfolio, NetWorker 9.2 Updating from a Previous Release Guide and NetWorker 9.2.x VMware Integration Guide.

See the CloudBoost 2.2 Release Notes for more information on CloudBoost 2.2.2.

NetWorker 9.2.1 and CloudBoost 2.2.2 was released on November 22, 2017. These releases focus on product quality and stability while incorporating enhancements for ease of use. NetWorker and CloudBoost solutions offer data protection from on-premise to the cloud including AWS, Azure, Google, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, and Virtustream.


NetWorker 9.2 provides new features and improvements for Virtualization, Application, Cloud support, and Cloning over previous NetWorker 9.x versions. See NetWorker 9.2 Release materials for more information.
As NetWorker 9.x is significantly different from NetWorker versions prior to 9.x, Dell EMC highly recommends that customers take advantage of Upgrade services (either custom or one of the standard offerings) provided by Dell EMC Professional Services and Dell EMC Partners.

Customers who have been successful with installing, upgrading, and configuring NetWorker 9.x have engaged Dell EMC Professional Services and used the available free training. If unprepared, you might encounter issues including backup failures during and after upgrading from earlier NetWorker releases.

The procedure to install and uninstall the NetWorker software differs based on the OS platform that is
used on the NetWorker host. The NetWorker SolVe Desktop provides step-by-step guidelines on how to
install and uninstall the NetWorker server software on different OS platforms.

Install/de-install procedures for NetWorker and NVE are all available at:

NetWorker can be found in the NetWorker 9.2 Installation Guide
NetWorker Virtual Edition (NVE) can be found in the NetWorker 9.2 Virtual Edition Deployment Guide

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