NetWorker Update release

Here it is the fourth cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 7.6.0.x, please note that this is a cumulative hot fix for the initial version release.

It is release, Build 169.

ALERT: There was a cumulative hotfix release of this update with the build 167, on 16 April 2010.


It would make the folders of every saveset showing up in double.
Beside that, you won’t be able to make a restore of your backups.
If you have used this build, then you are urged you to contact EMC technical support ASAP!

If you are wondering why should you update your version of NetWorker.
Or with other words, what is fixed in this release?

Cumulative hotfix includes the following new fixes:

NW110385: Tapes not changing to recyclable. mminfo shows all ssids past retention, nsrim shows more ssids than mminfo, no dependants

NW112571: Backup of a client backs up the NetWorker server instead

NW114157: NetWorker is reusing staging tapes after a reading attempt on the staging target device

LGTsc32458: OP_LABEL timeout in device shortage of labeling and cloning

NW113953: Device Block Size code changes in NW V7.6 affecting NDMP backups

NW112579: W2K8 file system backup failing

NW114407: gstd crash after upgrading to Networker 7.6

NW105567: save (adhoc and schedule) of a Windows 2008 Client fails with error VSS failed to initialize for directives, error=0x80070002

NW114856: 7.6 Backups fail with error nsrlcpd failed to acquire device lock on scsidev@-1.-1.-1

NW115387: winworkr/recover crash and fails to restore SYSTEM STATE (VSS) savesets [Avamar 1121]

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site.