NetWorker Update release


Here it is the fifth cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 7.6.0.x, please note that this is a cumulative hot fix for the initial version release.

It is release, Build 171.

If you are wondering why should you update your version of NetWorker.
Or with other words, what is fixed in this release?

Cumulative hotfix includes the following new fixes:

NW116691: Savegrp did not end despite inactivity timeout reached

NW104316 (LGTsc28518): Saving/reading messages missing from daemon.log

NW116153: Intermittent backup failure when crossing FTD type volumes: nsrmmd remember_as_high: no available sop for ssid

NW114591: NMC leaks memory

NW96759 (LGTsc23251): VSS Recover Fails Doubled values in PendingFileRenameOperations

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site.