NMM Release Update 1

NMM Release Update 1 With Enhanced Microsoft Exchange  2010 Support.

It is also published on Powerlink as NMM 2.3.1 build 81.

The following new features are available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in NMM release 2.3 Update 1:

NW123619: Support for Exchange Server 2010 databases/logs on same LUN
NW126716: Eliminate the requirement for Exchange Server 2010 mailbox role on CAS server for Exchange Recovery Database (RDB) operations
– Support for Exchange Server 2010 archive databases

The old NMM must be uninstalled, and then the new version installed.

If you need this specific release, then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site, and they will for sure give you the right release you need.