Configuring NDMP Backups on DD VTL (Part 3)

We came to the final part of the configuration!
Adding the NDMP VTL to the Backup software. Since I’m using NetWorker, then it will be a NetWorker configurations!

I’m assuming that all the configuration in Part 1 and Part 2 was accomplished successfully.

Part 3: Configuring the NDMP VTL on NetWorker.

1- Start the NetWorker Management Console and connect the Backup Server.

2- From the Administrator Window, click op Devices.


3- From the left tree view right click on “Storage Nodes” and choose “New”.


4- In the “Create Storage Node” window fill in the following information and click “OK”:
    – Storage node “Name”: fill in a VDM name, which you have already created on the Celerra or use an existing one.
    – Type of storage node: ndmp
    – Search all luns: Yes
    – Use persistent names: Yes
    – Remote user: ndmpuser
    – Password: ********


5- Expand the folder “Storage Nodes”, right click on the newly created storage node and choose “Scan for Devices”


6- Verify the information in the “Scan for Devices” then click on the button “Start Scan”.


7- After a couple of seconds you will see in the log screen the discovered NDMP Library and devices.


8- Refresh the Console screen and you will see the new library in “not configured status” under the storage node.


9- To configure the library and devices, just right click on the “not configured” library and choose “Configure Library…”, in the “Configure Library” window Check all the devices and click on “Start Configuration”.


10- Now go under folder “Libraries”, do Inventory and “Label” the tapes with the desired “Pool”. in the end you should get something similar to the screen below.


Note that the last slot is considered “Cleaning Tape”…..!

You must adjust the library configuration by uncheck “Auto clean” from under the General tab of the library Properties and from under the Advanced tab adjust the “Available slots” to “1-8”. After that label this tape with the Pool you want.

Voila. Congratulations! You have finished configuring the NDMP on Celerra with DD VTL.
You can start your NDMP backups!

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  1. Is there a step by step guide to configure new vtls on DD.Like I am looking for some doc/procedure which can explain step by step all activities from creating vtls to running backups on DD+NWR integration

  2. Hello Friend,

    You made my life easier,, i was really confused with the same kind of implementation in my company, as they were not giving me any information of the configuration steps.

    I am feeling so happy that i found so nice steps. Many Thanks..

    • Hello Ace007,

      Thank you for passing by. I’m glad these information were a good help for you.

      You made my day!

  3. Hi
    do you mind to share the throughput that you get and your configs for NDMP?
    size/# of files/streams


    • Hi Thierry,

      If you have some commands of specific values you need to know, then you can post them for me?
      I’ll do my best to get the output for you.


  4. You’re great! Easy guide, clear and functional: it made me save a lot of time
    Thaks a lot

      • Wonder full…simple and great writings.Please keep up your great work.Appreciate your effort and time


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