NetWorker 7.6 SP5 update release

Well people who is using NetWorker 7.6 and still didn’t upgraded to NetWorker 8. Here is service pack 5 for NetWorker 7.6.

NetWorker 7.6 Sp5, is a bug fix release and will be the last full release of the 7.6 series. This release provides a roll up of nearly 100 fixes, including 35 customer escalation defects as well as a small number of RFE’s and minor enhancements.

One item that has been added for this release is support for the latest LTO generation drive.

While backup to disk offers speed and versatility, customers still rely on tape for some or all of their data protection, and this release provides that additional support.

LTO 6 is the latest generation of LTO device and allows for data transfer rate of up to 160 MB/s (max), with a single cartridge capacity of 2.5TB or 6.25 TB (assuming a 2.5:1 compression):

The release is generally available now and is recommended for all NetWorker 7.6.x customers to ensure optimum performance and reliability before their upgrade to the latest NetWorker 8.x release.

Please note that this service pack can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is release, Build 1160, includes generally the following new fixes:

NW133350 – nsrmmd core dumps occasionally during scheduled cloning operations

NW136212 – In DDS environment, NetWorker does not honor storage node attribute Max Active Devices

NW137239 – Recovery report details for NDMP clients displays 0 for both “Size(MB)” and “Number of Files”

NW137777 – Recover target directory permissions are overwritten during NDMP recover

NW138445 – An extra volume is requested during NMM cloning

NW138481 – NMC does not update the RAP database with all discovered VMs when Virtualization > Auto discovery is run on Solaris 10 server

NW139152 – NetWorker cluster on LInux does not failover unless nsradmin -p used or usr/sbin/nw_vcs script edited

NW139191 – Configured clone jobs fail, but running nsrclone command is successful
NW139374 – VADP incremental backups fail for some VMs with error “Could not obtain the drive letter for one of the drives”

NW139705 – nsrexecd memory leak occurs on Windows 2003 cluster after NM SQL server backups

NW139795 – Cloning sessions in NMC display incorrect size and total size when a large amount of data is being

NW139862 – Clients running savepnpc show backups as successful in savegroup details, but the savepnpc.log
shows the preclntsave failed

NW140041 – NMC report generation fails with error “Unable to parse report definition”

NW140285 – One VM cannot be backed up if another client (the backup server/proxy itself or an NDMP DSA client) is already being backed up

NW140648 – DSN cloning fails if command issued from server for enhanced cloning with different ctx modes (clone and save)

NW140765 – Ambiguous visibility of target devices while Display Read only Devices & volumes option is checked / unchecked from View tab in NMC

NW141948 – A nsrd core dump occurs after changing the hostname of the NetWorker server

NW141977 – When performing a VADP Client backup, a full Image level backup is run

NW142057 – Incorrect license capacity calculation results in LLM Server being unable to allocate available licenses

NW142266 – Error “storage nodes’ contains name of remote dedicated storage node ‘nsrserverhost’" is reported
when creating a client with all default settings

NW142397 – A nsrvadp_save memory leak occurs and consumes all memory on proxy when CBT incremental
backup is enabled

NW142426 – Snapshot files are not removed after VADP image level SAN mode recovery with more than 1 disk

NW142671 – A nsrd core dump occurs when backups are started on an AIX cluster (HACMP)

NW142713 – Issue with Windows 2008 and R2 and Symantec Software VSS Provider installed

NW143158 – A savegrp core dump occurs when producing the savegrp completion report

NW143236 – The client backup level is not adhered to during a NetWorker server backup of a group having multiple instances of the same client

NW143291 – NetWorker does not delete the original bootstrap save set from a disk device (AFTD or DDboost) when the retention period expires if a clone of this save set exists

NW143324 – After upgrading to NetWorker, a pool cannot be modified

NW143373 – A Tape Library frame license is not taken automatically from LLM

NW143414 – nsrvadp_save.exe fails after upgrading from NetWorker 7.6.3 to NetWorker on proxy host

NW143549 – A Clone job displays error status on a day it is not scheduled to run

NW143655 – A VADP image level recovery stops when a 0 byte Windows file is restored

NW143708 – The nsrexecd.exe process fails on the NetWorker server after upgrading to NetWorker

NW144564 – A VADP backup of several clients fails and nsrvadp_save core dumps on the proxy server

NW144713 – When performing backups with VMs that have partitions without a drive letter, then FLR backups
cannot be performed

NW126338 – Add Software distribution wizard support for Solaris AMD 64

NW131303 – Clear the password text at command line for nsrvadp recover

NW137148 – Update NMC’s Apache httpd to the latest available version

NW137173 – Recovery of a VM with RDM recovers the RDM to local disk

NW137924 – Software Distribution wizard needs to handle updates per file per client

NW140105 – Max auth threads should be a nsrla resource attribute

NW141749 – Add support for Ultrium LTO-6 tape drives to NetWorker

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:


From EMC new support website “

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!

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  1. Hi:
    We are currently running NetWorker 7.6.1.Build.397 Network Edition/10 (Sun/Oracle
    Solaris 9 version). This is a Oracle branded bundle/version. How do we upgrade to latest Networker 7.6.X in-order to support LTO-6 and greater?

    Thank you
    Tommy Pham
    408.782.5408 office

    • Hi Tommy,

      It is some how a little bit long process to migrate from OEM to EMC version of NetWorker.
      I’ll send per email a document with the needed steps, just make sure you have successfully done the OEM transfer license step.

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