EMC Backup and Recovery Manager launched!


Backup and Recovery Manager provides enterprise management capabilities, defined as monitoring and reporting on day
to day activities.

The Backup and Recovery Manager is delivered as a VMware Application (vAPP) and will present a dashboard
showing the status of backup jobs and resources, so that a backup administrator has a single pane of glass to look at
to know that backups are running successfully, that they are not running low on resources, and to aide in recovery planning
if they are not.

The major features in this release include the following:

  • Real-time monitoring of Alerts, Activities, Events and Systems
    • Monitoring of significant events Activities and Alerts that require attention and potential intervention
    • Monitoring of backup and replication jobs
    • Monitoring of Systems including all of the Avamar servers, NetWorker servers and Data Domain appliances defined
    • The Systems page also allows the user to view capacity and usage, version, model and status for all systems.
  • Reporting
    • Basic Backup Systems Configuration and Summary reporting
    • Systems Summaries, Capacity and Usage, System Change Rate and Client Change Rate
    • Reporting on Avamar and NetWorker configuration objects
  • Configuring
    • As with the Avamar Enterprise Manager, Backup & Recovery Manager provides the ability to configure basic Avamar replication

Available Now

Here is the link where you can download the first release of this great tool (ver.: 1.0.0-179)!




Featured Links:

Release Notes
User Guide

  5 comments for “EMC Backup and Recovery Manager launched!

  1. Backup and Recovery Manager is a monitoring and reporting tool, which it ease the life of many BURA admins especially in enterprise environment.

    If NMC fulfills your needs, then you don’t need this solution [maybe for now..:-)].

  2. If I am only running Networker 8.1 will this product be of use to me?
    How does it differ from the NMC that I am currently using?


  3. Hello
    How can the Content in the Part.bin Files (parted zip Files?) from the powerlink Site be extracted?
    Thanks for a hint.

    • The zip file is password protected and the password will be provided as part of the order fulfillment process. Please contact your EMC BRS sales representative.

      Because of system size limitations, the distribution has been split into two parts. Once all the parts (part00, part01) are downloaded and placed in the same directory, then the parts can be combined as follows:

      To reassemble the complete zip file, execute this command on a Linux system (e.g utility node):

      cat BackupRecoveryManager.part*.bin > BackupRecoveryManager.zip

      Once the above command is completed, verify that the md5sum on the assembled zip file matches that for the complete zip file.
      MD5 Checksum of complete zip file = a36141d83a0f759cff9edae537680582

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