NetWorker update release

Hi again! It looks like EMC have skipped one patch fix release for NetWorker 8 SP1 and merge it with patch release 2.

This cumulative hotfix is NetWorker build 144

Cumulative hotfix includes generally the following new fixes:

NW147600 – nsrim -X does not delete expired savesets on AFTD.

NW147148 – nsrd core dumps when debugging levels are enabled on nsrd.

NW146938 – NDMP saveset and browsable recovery [DAR or NO DAR] fails during recover.

NW146898 – Jukebox mount operation without -f allows to go through when this physical storage node is attached to a server in a cluster.
Solution either could not be found or is not available for viewing!

NW146844 – Erroneous Savefs output for NDMP clients when the saveset name matches any directory name on the root of NW server host.

NW146714 – After upgrade to 8.0.0.x, Cluster Disks are backed up by physical cluster node instead of virtual instances.

NW146709 – NDMP-DSA backup fails when using the -I option to specify a NetWorker Remote Storage Node (error: Unknown Host).

NW146606 – NetWorker User ‘Select the client you want to recover from’ list shows clients without remote access.

NW146410 – VADP: nsrvadp_recover crashes during recover of VM with Physical compatiblity RDMs.

NW146163 – nsrjobd reaches 100% CPU utilization and NetWorker server becomes unresponsive.

NW146027 – When RAW device backups are listed in the nsrinfo output, the recover may not list those that end with ‘\’ on Windows.

NW145864 – Effective permission changed after backup & recovery on Linux.

NW145816 – VSS client save fails with misleading error: "filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" and silently falls back to agent-assisted indirect save.

NW145600 – The post command is started in the end of the group and not in the end of the client.

NW145267 – Following upgrade to NetWorker, nsrd crashes upon startup on RedHat Linux 6.2.

NW142588 – savegrp hangs while connecting to new clients with incorrect RPC version using SSH.

NW141518 – nsrd intermittently core dumps following upgrade to – *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/nsrd: double free or corruption.

NW140648 – Addendum to: DSN cloning fails if command issued from server for enhanced cloning with different ctx modes (clone and save).

NW140577 – When specifying -q option, recover creates needless folder in original location.

NW139795 – Cloning sessions in NMC display incorrect size and total size when a large amount of data is being cloned (>1.8 Tbytes).

NW144691 – Tapes are not getting ejected when tapes are marked full on legacy mode.

NW147320 – Following upgrade of cluster client to networker 8.0, save -c ub backup command is required to backup virtual drives.

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!