NetWorker update release

The second cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 7.6 SP5.
Please note that this cumulative hot fix can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is release, Build 1187.

If you are wondering why should you update your version of NetWorker.
Or with other words, what is fixed in this release?

Cumulative hotfix includes the following new fixes:

NW147898 – nsrexecd leaking memory during normal operations.

NW147600 – nsrim -X does not delete expired savesets on AFTD.

NW147574 – MAC client interface does not show backups of other clients for directed recovery.

NW147315 – VADP: Full VM recover fails: Error writing to VMDK: 0 bytes written instead of n bytes.

NW147148 – nsrd core dumps when debugging levels are enabled on nsrd.

NW146507 – Improved error logging in libDDCL for libDDBoost init

NW146027 – When RAW device backups are listed in the nsrinfo output, the recover may not list those that end with ‘\’ on Windows.

NW145874 – VADP: Incremental backups not backing up files on the E and F drives

NW145864 – Effective permission changed after backup & recovery on Linux.

NW145600 – The post command is started in the end of the group and not in the end of the client.

NW145558 – segmentation fault upon recovery of avamar savesets.

NW144713 – Unable to do FLR backups for VMs with no drive letters assigned to a partition.

NW139478 – gstd.exe crashing while attempting to access device configuration.

NW138301 – nsrmmdbd cores frequently.

If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then you can ask EMC support team through the email, or by the “Live Chat” from the EMC Powerlink site, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!