NetWorker 8.1 SP2 is released!

The DPAD Software Engineering and Product Management teams are proud to announce the availability of NetWorker 8.1 SP2 for production environments.

The NetWorker 8.1 SP2 software does not contain any new features.

Below is a list customer reported defects resolved in release 8.1 SP2.

195658 NetWorker Snapshot Management nsrbragent dumps core during SAP restore and session hangs
190004 Add to repository function in software distribution wizard does not work for AIX packages
194216 Unable to restore any file from Windows 2012 dedup volume
186680 NDMP recover always selects first storage node defined in the Recover storage node affinity list of the NetWorker server
188870 File level rename on recovery option does not work for block-based backup
189863 Save set all-local does not work on Solaris 11 non-global zone backup
192325 Immediate clone hangs if the schedule is set to “skip”
198681 Networker client agent install on Linux using –relocate does not work
187295 NMSAP directed restore causes all files to be restored on a single file system.
190181 Unresponsive nsrsnmd on NetWorker sever causes NetWorker server to hang
188150 Windows 2003 Cluster drive configuration not detected after upgrading NetWorker client from NetWorker
190688 Some storage nodes may not mount volumes after upgrading
198812 Server holds the connections to Clients leading to connection limit on the Server host
188083 Savegrp with probe-based backup hangs intermittently, can only be killed with kill -9
187185 nsrdasv segmentation fault when using CPR on Linux 86w
188050 jobd is getting duplicate resid error when running a probe-based backup
193576 DB2 redirected recover fails to also recover logs from media layer when using “db2 rollforward db”
194332 Aborted VSS Fileset reported as competed in the media database
187805 Nsrjobsd creating core dumps on NetWorker
186838 NetWorker nsrindexd core dumps on Linux 64-bit server
189262 NDMP cloning selects the storage nodes from the affinity lists of the NetWorker server when no storage nodes exist
190741 Null parameter dialog box appears when clicking on a report in chart view where parameters in chart selector are modified.
194781 Nsrd cores if “verify label on unload” is enabled for Data Domain VTL
196978 NSRserver service transitions to a failed state in an AutoStart high availability environment
187541 Unable to save data or print from the “Show Messages” Window.
193358 Unable to delete volumes residing on a NetWorker 7.6.5.x server via NMC version 8.1.x
189308 Default value for save sets and parallelism are not honored
196974 Resource Group offline sequence hangs in an AutoStart high availability environment
187260 Nsrdasv returns incorrect exit code on error
193005 NetWorker hangs reoccuring
191895 Nsrvba_save daemon intermittently dumps core during backup through a Linux server
194329 Savegroup completion report of an all successful restart job incorrectly reports a number of clients as failed
196071 NSR_DEV_BLOC_SIZE variable not honored.
194318 Allow recovery of VMs which have non ASCII characters in annotation notes
196070 Nwrecover does not recover all marked files on a file system mounted within a file system
188849 VMware Backup appliance timing policy discrepancies
195675 Unable to backup cluster drives after upgrading
185353 Include IBM Silo Support in NetWorker 8 versions for all platforms including AIXPower
179134 Include daemon and host names as part of nsrauth messages
192681 Data Domain devices unmount with “RPC server lost connection to media database”
192559 Nsrim -X does not delete expired save sets on DDBoost devices
194858 NetWorker Cluster defect in start-script /etc/init.d/networker
199811 NetWorker server is unresponsive when AFTD devices pass full threshold
198848 Nsrmmd core dump occurs
198708 Recover window displays error “not in index” when recovering CIFS save sets
NW154859 Help screen in NMC for AFTD Allowed Directories is not helpful
NW157672 NetWorker snapshot management backup of DB2 fails due to nsrd/nsrmmdbd issues on AIX
NW159050 Setting the cleaning interval to 300 months or more causes nsrmmgd and nsrd to exit
NW157899 NSR group remains as “status: running” when a savegroup completes with the message “exited with return code 2"
NW156728 Possible data loss issue occurs after a media database rebuild, with the bootstrap size reduced significantly
NW156890 If a scheduled clone resource is disabled while a clone operation is in progress, the scheduled resource gets re-enabled silently
NW155277 Analyze core dump of nsrjobd.
NW151105 A VADP Restore from tape hangs after the RegisterVM task in vCenter
NW153247 The setting for pool max parallelism is not honored for tape devices
NW153504 Defunct nsrindexd process cause the nsrd process to hang
NW151236 There is a large data discrepancy between NMC reports and mminfo outputs
NW159896 Expired save sets do not get deleted from a NetWorker Cloud Device
NW153818 Tape drives do not enter service mode even after the maximum consecutive error is reached
NW155055 Nsrvadp_recover.exe crashes on restore of a VM
NW155229 A Preclnt save failure leaves a tmp file and causes subsequent backups to fail if no manual clean is performed
NW156878 Faulting application: save.exe, faulting module: libvss2008.dll
NW158221 NMC does not automatically update space usage for Data Domain hosts.
NW157007 NetWorker deletes unexpired bootstrap save sets from disk volumes after “force_bootstrap_removal_from_disk”
NW149975 A nsrexecd core dump occurs on HP-UX ia64 after upgrading NetWorker
NW154241 The nsrclone process loops on the error “nonexistant cloneid”
NW154838 An incorrect error message from the storage node displays indicating “(volume id: ) not found in media index”
NW154753 Storage Node property update “AFTD allowed directories” fails with a conflict when you use more than two directories
NW149252 Parser detects VM as non-NTFS using VADP
NW152571 You cannot manipulate client resource fields using NMC when you create the fields via the nsradmin script
NW150984 Savegroup does not honor the -q option
NW155061 Nsrd loops on the error “failed to retrieve ssid <ssid_number> when building clone rlist”
NW158115 NetWorker Snapshot Management deletes daemon.raw during debug logging
NW158786 Nsrvadp_recover crashes when restoring VMs using VC 5.0.3
NW154984 Clients created on a Linux server using all upper-case characters creates a nested directory in the index directory
NW156699 Nsrd core dumps with NULL clone pool request in broker.c:device_available()
NW154835 Nsrd core dumps on Linux 86 server running NetWorker
NW152837 Unable to restore a VM with the error “Unable to import VM configuration”
NW148112 NetWorker does not honor clone storage node restrictions with DDboost when mediatype attr is set for the destination clone pool
NW159536 NetWorker Snapshot Management for NMDA 1.6 DB2 restore fails to restore some files
NW156150 Backup size shown in NMC Group Details pane is incorrect when the save set spans multiple volumes.
NW154313 Nsrsnmd “Unable to initialize device <Device Namer>: Request for reserved connection failed for device <Device access path>”
NW151098 Nsrexecd may core dump if nsrladb peer information is incomplete
NW153293 A VM recovery in a clustered VM setup with shared RDM disk results in the shared VMDK being deleted during restore.
NW152010 Gstd logs show incorrect job size
NW155015 Error returned and update fails when selecting multiple clients via NMC to update specific fields
NW154259 Nsrsgrpcomp Group_name -R fails to generate report for requested jobID
NW156909 Unable to label new VTL tapes on AIX storage node after upgrading
NW155917 Users can retrieve files they do not own even though public archives is disabled
NW153321 Backups fail with the error “nsrd RPC critical Unable to accept client connection Connection limit reached”
NW153641 Data Domain devices unexpectedly unmount under a high load
NW155575 Recovery goes into a loop when attempting to overwrite certain files
NW157907 Tapes get marked full prematurely with the message “posix async write: Error 0"
NW157066 Nsrexecd fails to start with “Error: nsrexecd is already running”
NW159783 Savegroup status does not get updated properly when a non-critical volume fails during a disaster recovery backup
NW158170 Impossible to connect to NetWorker server or distribute NMC configuration after upgrading from NetWorker 7.6.3
NW155211 Gstclreport.bat returns null
NW154781 Restarted savegroup does not completes, clients with skip schedule hang
NW154719 Jobkill does not kill active jobs
NW154461 Incorrect DDS status messages display after upgrading
NW153511 Mminfo command does not display levels correctly when using report for level
NW154582 Nsrjobd high CPU utilization and core dumps
NW157967 Completed group shows status of “Interrupted” in NMC Group Details window
NW147836 DDBoost device target and max session values not honored
NW152829 A nsrd RAP critical Error “The system hostname key is missing from the lockbox” occurs while re-signing lockbox
NW154592 NetWorker client LGTOnw.clnt.rte could not be installed in AIX 6.1 08 SP3
NW156305 Recover core occurs during a browse of an NDMP save set’s index when trying to change time or list the directory contents
NW158768 Restored VM from Image Level backup using VADP is not bootable
NW157442 NetWorker Snapshot Management for NMDA 1.6 backup fails
NW158489 Nnsrnmd dies without generating the core files.
NW154524 Checking resource types in the RAP database process is very slow
NW158692 Windows 2003 recoveries do not recover registry components together
NW151935 User groups do not work after downgrading from AD to local auth
NW153004 nsrmmd deletes active-folder on the Data Domain device when it contains a valid active-file from a recently started backup
NW154708 Using the Client Configuration wizard for modification of the proxy host adds “nsrvadp_save” in the backup command field
NW153375 Active Directory users when logged into NMC lose NetWorker privileges
NW152769 VADP backups cause an application crash for random VMs on the proxy host
NW146642 Save sets defined with multi-byte characters are garbled in savegrp.log/messages on Windows
NW154685 Message appears indicating “nsrd NSR critical Unable to update broker: cannot find the nsrmmd deamon for the given mmd number nnnnnnnn”.

NetWorker packages are available at:

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the good build!