NetWorker 9.1 is released!

NetWorker 9.1 provides new features and large improvements over NetWorker 9.0.x for VMware virtualization, applications, and data protection to the cloud.

As NetWorker 9.x is significantly different from NetWorker versions prior to 9.x, Dell EMC highly recommends that customers take advantage of Upgrade services (either custom or one of the standard offerings) provided by EMC Professional Services and EMC Partners.

Customers with the highest success rates in installing, upgrading, and configuring NetWorker 9.x have engaged EMC Professional Services and used the available free training.

If unprepared, you might encounter issues including backup failures during and after upgrading from earlier NetWorker releases.


KEY NEW FEATURES and CHANGES from NetWorker 8.x to NetWorker 9.1

  • NetWorker VMware Protection (NVP) has been architecturally improved to provide a more lightweight, better performance and scale to meet today’s large virtual environments. Some new feature highlights:
    - Native NetWorker vProxy without Virtual Backup Appliance.
    - multiple-VM instant restore
    - Scale to 5000 concurrent VM backup
    - VMware data protection management from centralized NetWorker Management Console
  • New Policy Engine — supports end-to-end life cycle data management with “action” oriented service plans for all existing and new workflows. Workflows can include the following: Backup Operations, Snapshot Operations, ProtectPoint Operations, Server Maintenance, and Configuration Management.
  • Block Based Backup (BBB) — supports Microsoft Exchange, Hyper-V, and Linux. BBB provides 5x performance improvement from previous NetWorker versions.
  • Media Catalog Improvements — the new SQLite database is fast and provides up to 6x improvement on control operations and increased scaling from previous NetWorker versions.
  • Support long term retention to the cloud with Data Domain.
  • Support PowerLinux for DB2, SAP HANA.


Dell EMC offers the following software downloads:

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