NetWorker 9.1.1 is released!

NetWorker 9.1.1 provides new features and large improvements over NetWorker 9.1.x for VMware virtualization, applications, and data protection to the cloud.

As NetWorker 9.1.1 is significantly different from NetWorker versions prior to 9.1.x, Dell EMC highly recommends that customers take advantage of Upgrade services (either custom or one of the standard offerings) provided by EMC Professional Services and EMC Partners.

Customers with the highest success rates in installing, upgrading, and configuring NetWorker 9.x have engaged EMC Professional Services and used the available free training.

If unprepared, you might encounter issues including backup failures during and after upgrading from earlier NetWorker releases.

New and changed features in NetWorker 9.1.1

NMC enhancements

General performance and reliability enhancements
NetWorker 9.1.1 features NMC improvements, including improved response times, reporting, monitoring, and overall performance.

Running backup parallel with a workflow
NetWorker 9.1.1 adds the ability to run an individual client backup in parallel to a running workflow.

Accidental job cancellation prevention
NetWorker 9.1.1 adds measures to NMC that help prevent you from accidentally cancelling an action.

Function to collect vProxy log bundle information
NetWorker 9.1.1 adds an NMC function to collect vProxy log bundle information from a virtual machine. The NetWorker VMware Integration Guide provides more information.

NetWorker service mode icon
In NetWorker 9.1.1, while the NetWorker server is in service mode, an icon appears in all of the NetWorker Administration GUI windows. Previously, an icon appeared only in the Maintenance window.

Highlighted calendar dates for recovery operations
In NetWorker 9.1.1, when you are configuring a restore operation in NMC, all of the dates with available backups are highlighted in the calendar. This change applies to all types of restore operations, including file system, block-based, snapshot, and NDMP restore operations.

Viewing clone resource information during clone-controlled replication (CCR)

In NetWorker 9.1.1, the Clone Details window displays real-time information about the save sets included in a CCR operation. The following information is displayed:

  • A list of all of the save sets that will be cloned.
  • The status of each save set, including whether cloning is pending, has been completed, or has failed.

NDMP application information variables for the NetWorker client resource

NetWorker 9.1.1 supports setting the following NDMP application information variables at the NetWorker client resource level:


To set these variables on an NDMP client resource, open the Client Properties window, and then type the required variables in the Application Information field. You can also use these variables while configuring a restore operation with the NMC Recovery wizard.

Changes to the nsrwatch tool

In NetWorker 9.1.1, the nsrwatch tool features some reporting enhancements. The following information is now available:

  • The Overview window reports the operating system architecture. For example, Windows:x86_64.
  • A Libraries window is added that reports jukebox device details and status.

Pool overrride parameter for savegrp operations

NetWorker 9.1.1 adds pools to the list of available override parameters that can be specified for savegrp operations.


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