NetWorker update release

The fourth cumulative hotfix release for those who are using NetWorker version 9.1.1.
Please note that this cumulative hot fix can be installed as fresh installation or upgrade installation.

It is NetWorker Build 261

This Cumulative hotfix includes generally the following fixes:


288477    NetWorker    BUG        [RPS disabled]nsrmmd.exe is crashing when running the nsrclone command with External storage node   
287409    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29908:NW – Backup issue: Windows Client pseudo_saveset aborts immediately with message "It has been inactive for 1502404236 seconds."   
287383    NetWorker    BUG        Update VPROXY version to 2.0.2-23 in NetWorker (vProxy issue where backup engine hangs with XML parsing errors)
287361    NetWorker    BUG        nsrmmdbd will fail to save any save sets during bootstrap backups when a save set’s attribute list fails to XDR decode   
287268    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29658:Solaris interactive recover fails with ‘Volumes needed (all had errors):Unknown’
287068    NetWorker    BUG        nsrmmdbd fails to use volume retention policy when setting clone retention time
286994    NetWorker    BUG        Fix the messaging in "handle_aggregated_save_inactivity"
286612    NetWorker    ESC        explicitly verify clone status for reporting and pass nsrrecopy failures upstream
286472    NetWorker    BUG        For 9.1.1.x NW release: Need to upgrade libDDBoost lib. from to
286269    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29568:NW savegrp.exe crashes
285674    NetWorker    BUG        Implement a volid cache in nsrmmdbd for volume name to volid matching
285637    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29528:nsrd hangs intermittently when making DNS lookups
285491    NetWorker    BUG        Aborted backup savesets show up as browsable in NMC as well as in mminfo
285412    NetWorker    ESC        esc 29483:savegroup dumps core, leaving savesets uncloned but reporting success
285370    NetWorker    BUG        Cleanup jukebox related RM messages
285216    NetWorker    BUG        Add a volssid cache in nsrmmdbd in an effort to reduce SQLite database contention
285163    NetWorker    BUG        Make use of the volume cache in nsrmmdbd when servicing fetchvol_id() requests
285089    NetWorker    BUG        Update mminfo to take advantage of fetchss_range() optimizations
285045    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29486:The nsrsnmd is not removing T clflags for savesets already moved to Cloud from DD CT volume
284999    NetWorker    BUG        Increase fetchss_range() batch size in effort to reduce nsrmmdbd load
284994    NetWorker    BUG        Escalation 29584 – AIX packaging issue due to Networker libraries – port fix of 27289 to AIX
284871    NetWorker    BUG        SAT: nsrworkflow cores intermittently in sles11.(nw_9_2_dev build 62)
284869    NetWorker    BUG        nsrmmd crashes during cloning operations
284831    NetWorker    BUG        Disallow nsrlogin attempt for user root    resolved
284696    NetWorker    BUG        Implement atomic test and set on Linux for use by liblocal’s shared memory object
284596    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29413:networker server hang 2 days after upgrading to, nsrmmdbd spiking up to 8 GB
284594    NetWorker    BUG        Port: Pass clone attributes to nsrmmd for DD-DD workflows
284513    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29342:Cloning shows successful but creates 0kb savesets on destination then retries.
284322    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29416:NSRWATCH in 8.2.4 is not displaying the recovery session status correctly anymore, example ? reading from DBPOOL1.006 20 GB of 78 GB?   
284224    NetWorker    BUG        Move the nsrmmdbd message "Unable to set clone retention using pool policy: No volume found in cache with volid 4014147442; will use client resource policy instead" to a debug message
284102    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28766:Block Based Backup unable to get a snapshot with error "Failure status of writer EMC Networker BBB Writer – FAILED_AT_FREEZE"
284068    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29137:Incorrect workflow status on NMC, Failed Workflow are showing as successful.
283976    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29346:NMC Recover GUI: Does not pick up NDMP recovery variable from the environment on Linux.
283790    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28633:With FORCE_REC_AFFINITY set to "yes", the Recover(or recover part of clone) should use a storage node from the client’s remote storage node list that has the needed volume already mounted.
283552    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28482:NMC Recover GUI does not pass environment variable "NSR_NDMP_RESTORE_LIMIT" to NDMP recovery
283531    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 29343 – NMM backups with NSR_USE_CLIENT_SN_LIST parameter fails
283311    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28910:9.1 SQL txnlog backups forced to full after file system backup
283168    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 27972:Synthetic-Full(SF/VSF) succeeds for PSS savesets but the newly synthesized saveset ends up with "undef" in the "clretent" field(clone retention is wrongly set).
282952    NetWorker    BUG        Make use of sendfile() when creating mmdb snapshot to minimize nsrmmdbd downtime
282847    NetWorker    BUG        BBB: "Disaster_Recovery:\" saveset of Windows Client is failing while taking backup to Linux NW Server
282670    NetWorker    BUG        Generate private key type "RSA PRIVATE KEY" in nsrladb resource instead of key type "PRIVATE KEY" on Unix
282463    NetWorker    BUG        Limit the number of times a process calls popen("lsb_release") in liblocal’s sysdesc()
281928    NetWorker    BUG        Add Volumes window to nsrwatch
281833    NetWorker    BUG        RFE:FR-BETA2_NW 9.2:save in D9 does not show all options passed to Magfs libraries
280957    NetWorker    BUG        Suppress purify COR, UMR in OpenSSL X509_sign and use OpenSSL purify build compiled with DPURIFY and no-asm option
280689    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28591: Skip clone instance where fragment is NULL during recovery
279683    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 27984:DFA to NFS fails for non-root users with NW client version up to 8.2.4.x
278844    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28321:In NW NDMP level incremental backup is running as cumulative incremental instead
277071    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 27145:NMC Recover "File or directory name:" search only lists the first 100 items.
276905    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 28357:nsrmmdbd deadlocks while deleting save set clones from a volume
275340    NetWorker    BUG        05754417 Apache TomCat vulnerabilities – upgrade tomcat to 7.0.78
263313    NetWorker    ESC        /nsr/run is not cleaned on boot
261065    NetWorker    ESC        Escalation 26471:RFE: nsrtrap output on NW 9.0 is less detailed than it was on NW 8.0
191669    NetWorker    BUG        NW161045: ‘nsrck -L7’ fails after warning that ACL cannot be recovered, with indications of core for large index

NW_Console (NMC)

283906    NW_Console    BUG        Help content for backup time is not accurate in the recovery wizard
283663    NW_Console    BUG        NMC GUI does not provide a option to query ‘browsable’ only save sets.
283469    NW_Console    ESC        Escalation 29033:NetWorker Administration GUI opens, minimizes then disappears
275182    NW_Console    BUG        NMC Client Push upgrade cannot be started for a group of clients from NMC Software Inventory Window


If you need a specific OS binary of this release, then make contact with EMC Technical support, and they will for sure give you the right thing you need.

These packages are also available at:

Along with this version of NetWorker a new Cumulative Hotfix for the following products have been released.

** NetWorker Virtual Edition **
This release of NVE can be downloaded from

**NetWorker Module for Microsoft**
This release of NMM can be downloaded from

After downloading the necessary binary, make sure it is the correct build!